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Contractors and dealers love the REV Diffuser because it’s innovative, easy to sell and provides great value to commercial customers.

The product’s insulated backpan is pre-scored to help installers cut a hole of the required dimension to add a tab or twist collar (supplied by others). We suggest carrying a few REV diffusers and separate tab collars in your truck(s) at all times to provide a quick, on-the-spot fix for air draft related complaints.

The REV Diffuser can easily replace most existing 2′ x 2′ commercial ceiling diffusers supplying up to 400 cfm.

Become an official REV HVAC Dealer now and provide your customers with extra value. The REV Diffuser works well in all types of commercial buildings: office buildings, stores, schools, hospitals and dental clinics, art galleries, restaurants and more.

Last, but not least, use the increasing online demand for our product to boost your business! Building owners and managers love the REV Diffuser. They are tired of dealing with the same old problems. When they find out about the REV Diffuser, they want it right away!

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