Achieving Thermal Comfort in Office With Large Window

How to Achieve Optimal Thermal Comfort in an Office With Large Windows

January 9, 2017 Posted by REV HVAC - No Comments

If you’ve watched the video on our welcome page, you already know how the REV Diffuser can substantially improve thermal comfort in office spaces. It allows you to avoid sending air in the direction of people feeling discomfort due to air drafts without causing other problems in the process.

Sometimes you may want to target people or objects instead of avoiding them. Of course you can do the opposite of what’s presented in the video — target the people requiring more heating or air conditioning.

You might also target large windows. They’re great for the view, but often a significant source of heat gain or loss, depending on your geographic location and the season. A well-designed HVAC system with linear diffusers acting as air curtains will help attenuate this temperature variance. If the air is only supplied with square ceiling diffusers located in the center of the room, you might be over-heating or over-cooling the room in order to compensate for these large windows. Not only are you wasting energy but you are also likely finding it difficult – if not impossible – to please everyone with the room temperature.

Installing linear diffusers in an existing building can be expensive and sometimes tricky. One easier — and cheaper — way to improve both the room comfort and energy efficiency is the REV Diffuser.

Simply replace your current ceiling diffusers with REV diffusers and adjust them to supply more air toward the windows. We won’t cover the infinite combination of possibilities here, but the beauty of a full 360 degree horizontal adjustment is that the REV can adapt to almost any office configuration.

Large windows can create thermal discomfort in hot or cold seasons.

Large windows can create thermal discomfort in hot or cold seasons.

Here’s a basic example of how simple and efficient it can be. Here we have a small office with a large corner window covering most of one wall and part of another. In hot or cold seasons, the employee sitting at this desk will inevitably feel the heat or cold coming through the window.

He or she will then turn up the AC or heating in order to compensate for that heat gain or heat loss. The employee may eventually feel comfortable but a lot of energy will be wasted in order to achieve a certain level of comfort.

The picture below shows how the REV Diffuser can improve room comfort without over-heating or over-cooling. Adjust the sectors to direct more conditioned air toward the large window and you still cover the rest of the room while avoiding the door.

The REV Adjustable Diffuser helps achieve optimal thermal comfort without wasting energy

This simple example shows how you can greatly improve your occupants’ level of comfort without consuming extra energy. This is why the REV Diffuser is a great product for office space retrofits in general, not just for shared office spaces.